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As professional painters & decorators, we take great pride in doing our job properly. At Devon Select Decorators we will discuss with you exactly what you want and then give you an honst price for a good job. The work will be carried out by our experienced painters and decorators, from the preparation to the finishing off.

Regardless of the initial state of the area to be decorated, we can carry out all of the relevant work to ensure an excellent finish. From removing all debris and dust to repairing the finish of the udnerlying surface. As professional painters and decorators have an indepth knowledge of all the tools of the trade. Not only do we have better quality tools than the average DIYer, but we have the experience to know how to use them to their absolute best.

A painter's equipment includes sanders, scrapers, paint-sprayers, brushes, rollers. As well the ancilliary equipment, such as drop cloths, paint sheets, ladders and scaffolding, as well as the long experience needed to ensure the right paint is used.

The layman often underestimates how much preparation actually needs to be carried out prior to painting or papering. Wood often needs to be properly sanded and checked for damage. Plasterwork needs to be checked for cracks or loose plaster. Dirt, dust and any other debris has to be carefully removed. Radiators may have to be removed. Curtains, rods rails and anythin hung on the walls will need to be dealt with. Nail holes will also have to be either filled or capped.

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